All meals can also be ordered to go!
We offer catering up to 15 people!


Mountaineer Breakfast

Little Sweet Breakfast

Breakfast For 2


Consommé / beef broth with sliced pancakes or baked liver dumpling

Mushroom Cappuccino (vegan)


Mixed Green Salad / Mixed Salad

Greek Farmer Salad

Salad optional with:

smoked trout fillet, apple and horseradish

grilled king prawns

... in addition, we recommend:


pumpkin seed oil

Local Dishes:

Fried escalope from pork or turkey with parsley potatoes

Fried and filled escalope from pork or turkey "Styrian Style" with french fries

Boiled beef with roasted potatoes and bread horseradish

Cheese dumplings with fried onions and salad

Fried whole trout in lemon-almond butter, served with parsley potatoes

Grilled pork chop with rosemary potatoes and garlic dip

For Gourmets:

Pike perch fillet on polenta with Mediterranean grilled vegetables

Linguini with red pesto and king prawns


Fried polenta slices, carrot puree and mushrooms

Kids dishes:

Small fried escalope with french fries and ketchup

Egg dumplings with salad


Aperitive for 1 or 2 people

Selection of different Italian specialties


Chocolate Cake

Tarte Tatin (French Apple Cake)

Black coffee with vanilla ice-cream

Pancakes optional with:


apricot jam

In addition, there are daily different homemade pastries in our showcase!